If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. --Wayne Dyer


I was a marketing director, an office manager, and a computer technician, but, at heart, I've always been a hairdresser. I let circumstances direct my path instead of choosing it for myself. One rainy Sunday, dreading another Monday in a miserable daily grind, I realized it was time to refocus and manifest my own future. After over a year of balancing a full time job with night beauty school, I got my license in hair design.  I've been behind the chair since 2005, working at salons downtown, in NoPo, SE, and NE Portland.

My true passion is color; particularly color correction.  I love the challenge of transformation, especially red/dark brown to blonde. I’ve been very adventurous with my own hair and have nearly endless patience for the process. I always consider the integrity of the hair; and I never recommend any product or service that I don’t feel truly benefits the client.  I’m committed to working with my clients to create looks that match their lifestyles, attitudes and styling regimens. I’m well versed in cutting and styling curly hair and in men’s scissor cuts. I am always open to new ideas and continuing education is very important to me. 

I love dogs, British mysteries, knitting, watching hockey and college basketball, and I might be a bit fanatical for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Miss Marple.